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I started my food journey many years ago and loved doing simple BBQs for friends and family. Over the years, these BBQs have evolved into extended low and slow cooks using varying cuts of meat, home batched spice mixes, marinades, brines, sauces, and plenty of experimenting. It has become a regular hobby now and the continuous testing of new methods and flavours has really excited me.

Although I’ve done plenty of American style BBQ (think Texas, Carolina, Memphis and Kansas), I’ve now started exploring other cultures and really understanding their flavours and methods of cooking. I’m really enjoying the South American BBQ styles at the moment (Churrasco, Asado, and Parrilla) using some excellent cuts of meat like Picanha (rump cap) and beef short ribs served with delicious Chimichurri.

Cooking with Luke

BBQ expert spritzing meat with an apple cider vinegar meat spritz ribs on a grill
Reverse Seared Tri-Tip is the perfect solution for tender, juicy steak.
Reverse sear is the technique, NOT the equipment.
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