Our BBQ meat rubs will help you to get the best results from any type of meat that you are cooking. Perfect for BBQ ribs, charcoal-cooked meats, and anything else you’d put on the BBQ or into the oven, our BBQ meat rubs are perfect for everyone.

Our rubs come in a range of different styles, so you can enjoy American style smoky and savoury flavours, through to Asian influenced spicey and salty flavours. We even offer our own unique Australian flavours with our popular Coat of Arms and Bush Tucker rubs.

If you’re going to be cooking big pieces of BBQ brisket or slow-cooking ribs in the BBQ, then we always recommend liberally adding our BBQ meat rubs with a binder to ensure maximum flavour infusion.

If you’re looking for steak seasoning, then we always suggest to cover all sides of the steaks for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking on the BBQ.

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Chook Salt product image
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Chook Salt
Our take on the classic with our own secret recipe.
Big tex product image
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Big Tex
A savoury and sweet spice rub with a good hit of heat. A top seller!
Memphis Red product
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Memphis Red
A savoury and sweet spice rub without any of the heat. Works with all meats.
Kansas Kick product
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Kansas Kick
A sweet and smoky spice rub with a medium level of heat.
Double chipotle product image
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Double Chipotle
A versatile smoky Mexican rub that also works as a seasoning.
Smokey Espresso
Best used on beef when cooking over charcoal and reverse searing.
Loaded Burger Seasoning
Ramp up the flavour in your home-made burgers - no matter the meat.
The building block of all meals. Salt, Pepper, Garlic. Works with everything.
Coat of arms product image
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Coat of Arms
Brings an amazing umami flavour to your meals. A top seller!
Bush Tucker
An Australian rub and seasoning that works with local produce.
Peri good salt product
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Peri Good Salt
Smoky, sweet, salty with a strong punch of heat.
Nonna's Spices
Elevates any Italian meal, starting with pizza and pasta.


This really comes down to personal preference. If you’re wanting increased flavour then apply the rub well ahead of cooking. We personally love to put a BBQ meat rub on steaks the night before cooking and leave them in the fridge. This is called dry brining, a game changer when it comes to flavour!

If you’re after a really good bark (crust) then apply a good coating just before cooking. Use a binder and you’ll get some really good colour and char.

We’ve got a great range of rubs especially formulated for beef, lamb, pork and other meats. Each product indicates what they’re best used on, but this doesn’t mean you can’t try the other rubs on meat.

Experimenting with each rub on different barbecued meats can be very rewarding, especially when you taste a flavour combination that you’ve never tried before.

Load up your steaks, lamb chops, pork cutlets (or whatever else you’re grilling) with some SPG, Coat of Arms or Big Tex and you’ll take your charcoal grilling game to a whole new level.

Not only does the rub add extra flavour to the meat, it also allows a crust to form from the caramelisation process within the sugars.

Absolutely. We only use natural ingredients in all our BBQ meat rubs.

If you ask a Texan, they’ll tell you they only use salt and pepper as a rub. It’s all about the meat and the smoke! So maybe don’t ask a Texan…

If you ask us, we’ll tell you to use a healthy coating of SPG or Big Tex (or even mix them together). These rubs will get the most out of your brisket and you’ll be the king of the BBQ!