Nashville Spicy Chicken Rub


An authentic Nashville spice that finds a way to work with any food it’s added to. It brings a deep spicy flavour to anything it’s added to. Hand-mixed and completely free from additives, preservatives, MSG and gluten.

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How to use: Apply liberally to all meats prior to cooking (based on taste preference). Also works when added to any oven-roasted meal or stove-cooked food to boost flavours.

This genuinely goes with everything as the combination of ingredients means it isn’t too spicy. The mustard and garlic add a wonderful depth of flavour. We’ve added this to everything from seafood to roasted sweet potatoes to pan-fried tofu.

All of our recipes are batched and packaged in Western Australia. The Hot & Nashty contains the following: cayenne pepper, mustard powder, smoke paprika, black pepper, garlic granules, salt and raw sugar.

We don’t use any anti-caking chemicals. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and can be resealed to keep fresh for years.

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