Our chicken rubs and seasonings are perfect for cooking all types of chicken dishes. If you’re roasting a whole chicken, or cooking some succulent pieces for a salad, our spice mixes will deliver delicious flavours.

Our flavours vary from peri-peri seasoning through to smoky rubs that work perfectly with the variety that chicken can bring, no matter how you’re cooking.

If you’re roasting a whole chicken, we recommend liberally coating the entire chicken with one of our spice mixes and then cooking in the oven, or on the BBQ until ready.

For chicken pieces, we recommend applying a seasoning to all sides at least 30 minutes prior to cooking to allow the flavours to marinate. Then they’re ready to pan-fry or cook over the BBQ. Our chicken rubs and spices can be used for every occasion where chicken is being cooked.

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Rubs for Chicken

Memphis Red product
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Memphis Pork Rub
A savoury and sweet spice rub without any of the heat. Works with all meats.
Kansas Kick product
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Kansas Kick
A sweet and smoky spice rub with a medium level of heat.
Nashville Spicy Chicken Rub
An authentic deep and spicy Nashville rub that also works as a seasoning.
Double chipotle product image
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Double Chipotle
A versatile smoky Mexican rub that also works as a seasoning.
The building block of all meals. Salt, Pepper, Garlic. Works with everything.
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Nonna's Spices
Elevates any Italian meal, starting with pizza and pasta.
Out of Stock
Peri Good Salt
Smoky, sweet, salty with a strong punch of heat.
Chook Salt product image
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Chook (Chicken) Salt
Our take on the classic with our own secret recipe.
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BBQ Chicken Rub
This will give you the best roast chook. Simply season and cook.


Of course. We recommend coating your chicken with our rubs 2-3 hours before cooking to really get the flavour into the meat. 

We use only the best ingredients and make small batches to ensure the quality remains. We’ve perfectly balanced some key ingredients that we know just work with chicken (like smoked paprika and African bird’s eye chilli).

Our favourite rubs to use on chicken wings are Memphis Red or Kansas Kick. Cook them on indirect heat on a hot BBQ (we love our Weber Kettle) and serve with a hot sauce or Alabama white sauce. We’ve got video recipes of both these sauces here.

Absolutely. We only use natural ingredients in all our rubs.

Only the Chook Salt contains MSG – but hey, it kinda needs it.

I’m glad you asked… we’ve outlined the differences between dry rubs and marinades here. Basically, dry rubs are spices/herbs that are sprinkled over meat, whereas a marinade is spices/herbs mixed with liquid (olive oil etc.) that are used to soak the meat (normally overnight).

Jeez – that’s like asking us who our favourite child is! They are all delicious and each have different styles.

If you like spicy then give the Hot & Nashty or Peri Good Salt a go. If you like a sweeter style then go for Memphis Red or Kansas Kick. Or, if you prefer something smokey then give the Double Chipotle a go.

Sometimes simple is best – the SPG or Nonna’s Spices are perfect all rounders and should be in everyone’s pantry.