Our spice rubs and seasonings are perfect for all types of fish and seafood. If you’re roasting a whole fish and want to really bring out those flavours, or pan-frying a couple of fillets for a healthy mid-week meal, our spice mixes will deliver excellent flavours.

Our Bush Tucker, for example, has lemon myrtle that pairs perfectly with all seafood. As a result, it is one of our most popular spices for fish.

If you’re roasting a whole fish, we recommend liberally coating the entire fish with one of our seafood rubs before placing it into the oven or on the BBQ.

If you’re cooking fillets, for best results apply seasoning to both sides of the fish at least 30 minutes prior to cooking to infuse the flavours (we suggest pan-frying fillets). The same goes for any other seafood, just apply the spice mix prior to cooking and see the difference in taste it makes.

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Rubs for Seafood

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Chook Salt
Our take on the classic with our own secret recipe.
Big tex product image
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Top Rated
Big Tex
A savoury and sweet spice rub with a good hit of heat. A top seller!
Hot & Nashty
An authentic deep and spicy Nashville rub that also works as a seasoning.
Double chipotle product image
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Double Chipotle
A versatile smoky Mexican rub that also works as a seasoning.
Loaded Burger Seasoning
Ramp up the flavour in your home-made burgers - no matter the meat.
The building block of all meals. Salt, Pepper, Garlic. Works with everything.
Coat of arms product image
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Coat of Arms
Brings an amazing umami flavour to your meals. A top seller!
Bush Tucker
An Australian rub and seasoning that works with local produce.
Peri good salt product
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Peri Good Salt
Smoky, sweet, salty with a strong punch of heat.
Nonna's Spices
Elevates any Italian meal, starting with pizza and pasta.