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Shop our huge range of Australian-made BBQ rubs and spices for all situations. Our meat rubs are perfect for smoking ribs and slow-cooking meats, while our spices provide a boost of flavour to all your weeknight meals. They are suitable for every occasion and skill level - from the meat lover in your family through to adding easy, delicious flavours to pasta or your weekly vegetarian favourites. Get fast and easy shipping Australia-wide on all our meat rubs and spices. Plus, shipping is free for purchases over $79!

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Value Pack
On sale! RRP $139.30. Includes seven shakers. Limited stock available.
BBQ Pack
On sale! RRP $79.60. Includes four shakers. Limited stock available.
Dual Pack
On sale! RRP $39.80. Includes two shakers. Limited stock available.
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Texas Beef Rub
A savoury and sweet spice rub with a good hit of heat. A top seller!
Memphis Red product
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Top Rated
Memphis Pork Rub
A savoury and sweet spice rub without any of the heat. Works with all meats.
Kansas Kick product
Top Seller
Kansas Kick
A sweet and smoky spice rub with a medium level of heat.
Nashville Spicy Chicken Rub
An authentic deep and spicy Nashville rub that also works as a seasoning.
Double chipotle product image
Top Seller
Double Chipotle
A versatile smoky Mexican rub that also works as a seasoning.
BBQ Coffee Rub
Best used on beef when cooking over charcoal and reverse searing.
Loaded Burger Seasoning
Ramp up the flavour in your home-made burgers - no matter the meat.
The building block of all meals. Salt, Pepper, Garlic. Works with everything.
All Purpose Seasoning
Brings an amazing umami flavour to your meals. A top seller!
Aussie Fish Seasoning
An Australian rub and seasoning that works with local produce.
Out of Stock
Nonna's Spices
Elevates any Italian meal, starting with pizza and pasta.
Gift Card
Gift Card for your family members, friends or acquaintances.
Big Dog Spices Apron
Look great and save your clothes from mess with these aprons.
Reusable Shaker
These generous shakers are the perfect way to store all of your Big Dog Spices.
Out of Stock
BBQ Chicken Rub
This will give you the best roast chook. Simply season and cook.
Out of Stock
Steak Rub
Works with all cuts and styles of steak. Can't go wrong.
Out of Stock
Brisket Rub
The perfect brisket BBQ rub for that classic flavour.