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Texas Beef Rub

Our original and best rub. It's savoury and sweet with some added heat to bring a new flavour to your meats. Make this your go-to spice blend. Hand-mixed and completely free from additives, preservatives, MSG and gluten.


All Purpose Seasoning

Save the beer and splash this onto your BBQ instead. It brings out the true Aussie flavour of our incredible meats and seafood. Hand-mixed and completely free from additives, preservatives, MSG and gluten.


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Featuring our two most popular rubs, this is a great gift idea to bring the BBQ to life over Christmas. Liberally apply to meats, vegetables, seafood and put them to work on any cooking surface.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a small gas-lit BBQ, or a slow-cooking charcoal beast, these rubs will deliver on flavour every time. Our customers have also been known to use these on vegetables roasted in the oven, and to any weeknight stove-cooked meal to add a whole bunch of flavour. This pack is perfect for someone just starting out through to the most experienced home cook.

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