From a charcoal-cooking legend after a new flavour for those famous ribs, to a time-poor sometimes-cook looking for a way to bring some extra flavour to your weeknight meals, our BBQ rubs and spices work for everyone. All are 100% free from additives, preservatives, MSG (except the Chook Salt) and gluten.

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Shop for BBQ rubs and meat rubs made locally in Perth. Browse our wide range of tasty spice mixes and improve your weekly go-to meals with our simple-to-use seasonings. We’ve got something to cater for all cooking styles and taste.

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Our aim is to make it easy for people to try new flavours or just make that weeknight meal a bit tastier without the hassle of having to measure out spices by the teaspoon. There’s everything from BBQ rubs through to basic seasoning for someone who finds themselves reaching for jar sauce.

We’re a proudly owned and operated business in Perth, Western Australia, which is where all of our meat rubs, spices and seasonings are batched and packaged from local and imported goods.


Our recipes are designed to be simple to follow and allow you to work through our product range. Whether you love cooking barbecued meat on your Weber kettle, or dabbling in the kitchen with some delicious roast veggies, we’ve got something for every budding chef to try.

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We don’t just make BBQ rubs Perth (and wider Australian) residents love. We genuinely love cooking in the home, on the BBQ, and with a smoker. Here, we share our vast knowledge so you’ll be the neighbourhood BBQ king, or earn a few brownie points with better tasting family favourites.

Reverse sear is the technique, NOT the equipment.
Man flipping sausages at a grand final BBQ with friends sitting in the background.
Barbeque prawns on a grill
Low and slow barbecue in Memphis is the soul of their distinctive flavours and taste.
Olive oil is another commonly used binding agent or slather.

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