I describe my cooking role as the all-rounder here. I will gladly spice up a thick steak and grill it perfectly, but then I’ll also roll out a wide range of vegetarian dishes.

I like to showcase the true versatility of the spices that we’ve made. I’m just as likely to use Big Tex in a spicy rice and bean side dish as I am to splash the Coat of Arms all over some roasted potatoes or using the Peri Good Salt to pan fry some chicken. I am always trying to layers flavours together in new recipes.

Starting Big Dog Spices has been a lot of fun and hard work. I have got the chance to grow a business with two friends, each of us with our own spin on how we like to use the spices. This really highlights that as long as you think that it tastes good, that’s all that matter.

Big Dog Spices Blake Intro

My Journey

Like most things, cooking for me came out of necessity. I had moved out of home and quickly needed to expand my limited recipe portfolio because there was only so many times I could eat ham and cheese toasted sandwiches for dinner.

From that has come a great sense of enjoyment in cooking and finding new recipes, cuisines and cooking styles. I spent a lot of time on YouTube to improve my food prep skills and understanding what flavours match well with what. Over the course of a week you’ll find me on the wok, the BBQ, the oven, slow-cooking and frypan.

Cooking with Blake

I’ll leave the charcoal cooking to Luke and Brad and help you fill in the gaps inbetween. When you’re short of time, or just looking for something new to eat during the week for dinner, I’ll be able to show you how to elevate your food with our spices.

Wet rub chicken drumsticks
Coffee rub steak with a balsamic honey glaze
Olive oil is another commonly used binding agent or slather.
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