Our Story

We’re three friends from Perth who have had our fair share of weekend barbecues together. All of our products are a result of years of tweaking and testing, and we are always working on new favours and recipes.

We realised there wasn’t a versatile range of spices and rubs out there that could quickly improve the flavour of meals.

Big Dog Spices was created to make it simpler to add great flavour to everything from slow-cooked brisket to spaghetti bolognaise. We cater for those experienced home cooks, through to people who, sadly, reach for the jar sauce, but want to do better.

Big Dog Spices team (Brad, Blake, and Luke)


All of our products are hand-mixed in Perth, Western Australia from premium ingredients. The aim is to make great flavours uncomplicated, simple-to-use and to be that secret ingredient in all of your recipes.

Where It Began

There were definitely a few beers involved. After one of our Saturday barbecues lamenting that we had lost all the time to create new flavours that we once had, we started talking about places that we could try to buy spices and rubs from that would cater for the three of us and our different cooking levels. We felt there was a huge gap – intimidating BBQ rub companies with their black gloves and the awful little overpriced jars at the supermarket that don’t provide any value.

We wanted to make a range of products that were easy to use by being really versatile. Thus, Big Dog Spices was born…

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