Hey, Brad here. I took out third place (out of 3) in the Big Dog Spices cooking contest. You see, I’m not much of a cook in the kitchen, but I know a thing or two on the Weber.

I love cooking BBQ dishes that feed the whole family. Some of my favourites include burgers, pulled pork, chicken wings, a rack of lamb, and a superb piece of high-quality ribeye. Whilst these are simple dishes, I like to experiment with different cuts of meat, varying levels of smokiness, and various home-made sauces.

Since starting Big Dog Spices with Blake and Luke in 2022, I’ve significantly improved my skills on the Weber and with my new smoker. If you’re like me, and fairly new to the barbequing world, join me as I share tips and insights for the average person hoping to master some of the basics on the BBQ.

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Like many of us, my first few attempts at slow cooking on the Weber were a complete failure. My guests were treated to meat that had been subjected to temperatures that were far too high and an excessive amount of smoking.

However, over several more attempts, I slowly improved. Luke, in particular, really helped me nail down the basics of air flow, temperature control, and appropriate smokiness level. I’m not going to win any cooking awards in the near future, but I can comfortably cook a variety of meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Cooking with Brad

New to the world of charcoal cooking and want to nail the next family summer BBQ? Forget the fancy recipes with a bunch of wording you really don’t understand. I’ll share tips aimed at beginners who want to take their BBQ skills to the next level.

So join me, on our quest to get better. One BBQ at a time…

Oyster blade steak cooking on the BBQ
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Smoked Beef Burger
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