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Wholesale BBQ Rub PRices

Perfect for chefs and BBQ lovers alike, our wholesale BBQ rub prices make levelling up the BBQ game of your restaurant, cafe, catering business, or other commercial enterprise both easy and affordable.

Crafted with care in Perth from premium ingredients, our range promises top quality without preservatives or MSG (except Chook Salt, obviously).

To buy BBQ rubs in bulk at wholesale pricing, fill out our contact form with the product and amount you are looking for, and we’ll get in touch with a quote. 


    Australian-Made BBQ Rubs, Spices & Seasonings

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    Why buy your bbq rubs in Bulk?

    • Value and quality combined: Enjoy the best of both worlds: premium, preservative-free BBQ rubs at excellent prices. Bulk buying means you save without compromising on the high-quality flavours that make your dishes stand out.
    • Support local without breaking the bank: By choosing Big Dog Spices, you’re not just getting exceptional BBQ rubs; you’re supporting a Perth-based business passionate about flavour. Bulk purchases help support our local community while ensuring you get more bang for your buck.
    • Get more flavour more easily: Our versatile rubs are perfect for any cooking adventure, from casual BBQs to professional kitchens. Buying in bulk means that your pantry is always stocked, ready to improve any dish with rich, complex flavours.
    • Eco-friendly: Bulk buying means less packaging waste and reduced shipping frequency, making it a more sustainable option than buying frequently. It’s a smart choice for the planet and your kitchen.

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    We are located in Perth, which is also where all of our spices, rubs and seasonings are mixed and packaged.

    If there is an issue with your order, please contact us to talk about it. We’re very reasonable and also very confident in the products we sell. Let the product descriptions guide your purchasing and you can’t go wrong. For more details, view our Returns and Refunds Policy here.

    If you’re in the Perth metro area, it will be 1-2 working days. Interstate and regional can take 5-10 days.

    We accept payment via Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal. We may also consider trades. If you’d like to write us a song in exchange for some Big Tex, we’ll probably request your card details instead.

    Ummm, because all our products are great. We’ve really tried to simplify the cooking experience. Throw your measuring spoons in the bin and just tip the flavour straight from the bag onto your meals. Can it get any easier?

    Only one does, the Chook Salt. But, hey, it kind of needs it.

    We recommend using the products within 12 months. Our packages are resealable to keep them fresher for longer.